Some Zimbabwean nationals, who have crossed into South Africa through the Beit Bridge border post near Musina in Limpopo, say they hope that the New Year will bring positive changes to their country.

Some, who live and work in South Africa, say they want Zimbabwe’s economy to grow in 2017, so they can return home.

“For Zimbabwe, I am hoping that the year is going to bring good results. We are expecting a lot of investment in our country because of the previous situation which happened by the end of last year,” said one Zimbabwean living in South Africa.

“My year will be just good if I am home in Zimbabwe, because like we saw, the president, we were talking to him and he was saying good and assuring things; and he was encouraging us to come back home.”

Meanwhile, Zimbabwe’s interim President Emmerson Mnangagwa visited South Africa in December in a bid to lure investors to his country.

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