The Zimbabwe government and development partners are appealing for over 10,9 million US dollars to help in combating the refugee situation in Zimbabwe.

The country has a single camp in the eastern province of Manicaland and is host to refugees mainly from Mozambique, the DRC and some from Burundi.

Although some Mozambican refugees have been registered and are housed at Tongogara camp, the majority have been integrated into the Zimbabwean communities.

According to the United Nations devastating conflicts, violence and persecution in places like Syria and South Sudan have seen a record 65,6 million people uprooted from their homes.

And in the wake of renewed tension and clashes in Mozambique and the DRC in the past year, Zimbabwe has experienced an influx of refugees.

Unicef representative Mahomed Ayoya says, “Existing resources were used to assist over 7500 Mozambique an asylum seekers; some 1000 are currently in Tongogara refugee camp, while 6000 are living within villages in Chipinge. Therefore, additional resources are required for the government and humanitarian partners to scale up protection, health, nutrition and other solutions for the refugees and asylum seekers in Zimbabwe.”

A world Food Program Report in May 2017 indicated that the inflow of refugees at Tongogara Camp continues to increase on a monthly basis.

This, despite the suspension due to resource constraints of the relocation of refugees at the border in Mozambique. In two months over 20 000 refugees from DRC and Mozabique arrived in Zimbabwe.

The Zimbabwe government is responding positively to the situation.

Minister of Public Service and Social Welfare Prisca Mufumira says, “Zimbabwe is currently responding to the refugee situation from Mozambique. This is being done in collaboration with the UNHCR and other operational partners. My ministry has direct implementation responsibilities under safety and security, reception and registration of asylum seekers, as well as to provide shelter and infrastructure.

“Forced displacements have increased due to unprotected nature of conflicts. According to the UN, over 65 million people are now uprooted around the world.”