Western Cape Premier Helen Zille says a vote for Democratic Alliance (DA) will bring change and fast-track service delivery. Campaigning in Port Elizabeth she urged supporters to come out in large numbers on Wednesday.

Zille and DA supporters were in a jovial mood. Her message was simple: vote DA to bring a job in every home.

She says the DA manifesto promises equal opportunities for all. Zille says the DA was determined to win back Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality.

“We change everything here according to the law. When we took over in 2016, we had 60% of bucket system eradicated, we will deliver clean government here and equal opportunities. So people must go out on Wednesday to cast their votes,” Zille emphasises.

DA supporters want change in the Nelson Mandela Bay region. “I am voting DA because we want equal opportunities. DA is the only party that will bring change in SA and we believe in our corrupt-free leaders.”

Another supporter says, “DA provides hope for young people. So some of us are unemployed but change is coming soon, very soon.”