The National Defence Force and Military Police will assist authorities to manage and police water pods in the Western Cape should Day Zero occur as a result of the crippling drought in the province.

On Wednesday, the SAPS briefed the Provincial Parliament Standing Committee on its state of readiness in the event of Day Zero.

The police presented it’s contingency and deployment plan should the provinces taps run dry.

A total of 229 water pods have been identified as collection points for Day Zero. 86 of these pods are deemed high risk and they’re mostly in the Blue Downs Cluster and Nyanga.

The Army and Military Police will deploy 140 members throughout the Cape Metropole.

Their duties will be to patrol high risk areas and escort water to the distribution points.

The pods will be policed on a 24 hour basis by more than 500 SAPS officials.

Day Zero, when most of the City’s taps will be switched off, is now provisionally earmarked for the 9th of July.