Western Cape Community Safety Minister Alan Winde says substance abuse and violent behaviour among learners should be condemned.

This follows the stabbing of five learners who had attended a Valentine’s Day party in Claremont in Cape Town on Friday.

One-thousand-two-hundred learners from various schools had gathered for the event when a fight broke out. Two of the learners were rushed to hospital.

Two others were also arrested for allegedly robbing members of the public of a cellphone and cash using a toy gun. City law enforcement confiscated various weapons and alcohol.

Winde has denied claims that the party was an organised school event.

“I’ve also checked with Education and there’s no official school organised event, it wasn’t an official school event, but it seems like a number of scholars were involved in a post Valentine gathering and really its disturbing that young people get involved in these kinds of brawls that end up with five people getting stabbed.”