A court in the US state of Massachusetts has viewed damning footage in the sexual harassment case of Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey.

Pre-hearing court records state that the victim, who says he was groped by Spacey in 2016, caught part of the encounter on video.  The then 18-year-old man sent the clip to his girlfriend that allegedly showed Spacey touching the front of his pants.

Spacey’s lawyers have argued that the video shows someone’s hand touching another person, but does not show anyone being groped. The 59-year old Oscar winner is set to appear in court in January.

Spacey released a video on Monday titled “Let me be frank” in which he appears to be denying any wrongdoing.


More than 30 men have accused Spacey of sexual assault but this is the first case to go to court. One of Spacey’s accusers include actor Anthony Rapp who accused him of making sexual advances towards him in 1986.

Spacey said he had no memory of the incident, but apologised for it.