The Broadcasting Electronic Media & Allied Workers Union (Bemawu) says it will suggest that SABC executives and senior management take a salary cut to help save jobs at the public broadcaster.

This is after the SABC confirmed that it will embark on a process to retrench hundreds of workers.

SABC is expected to address workers on Friday morning regarding its dire financial situation, high employee head count and huge salary bill.

Bemawu spokesperson, Hannes du Buisson says the union is considering taking legal action against the SABC, “remember they denied previously that it is true that they are contemplating retrenchment.”

“What was essentially said to us yesterday was that the salary bill is very high.  We believe that when one looks at the salary bill of the executives and the senior management of the SABC that is a place where the SABC should start. Earlier this year we suggested salary negotiations.”

Buisson says it will suggest 5% or 10 % salary cut of the SABC executives.

“So we are busy consulting and we will then later today make a decision whether we are going to embark on a legal process to stop this or hear the process out from the SABC side,” says  Buisson.