The United Nations  (UN) Secretary-General will write a letter of condolence to the government and people of Zimbabwe following the death of the former president Robert Mugabe.

The late leader was a regular feature at the annual UN General Assemblies and other events at which he would often use the platform to launch diatribes against countries and organisations he deemed as antithetical to his domestic objectives.

The Secretary Geberal’s spokesperson Stephane Dujarric says: “The Secretary General will be sending a letter to the government of Zimbabwe offering condolences to the Govt and people of Zimbabwe on the death of former President Mugabe. He also offers his condolences to his family and loved ones. President Mugabe’s role in securing the independence of Zimbabwe and the fight against Apartheid are key parts of his legacy.”

“President Mugabe was very often here at the General Assembly and always had meetings with the various Secretaries General. From our standpoint President Mugabe also made notable contributions when chairing organisations such as the African Union, SADC and was a regular participant in meetings and conferences here at the UN. I would add that the UN remains strongly committed to supporting Zimbabwe in its efforts to promote inclusive stability, sustainable development, democratic governance and human rights.”

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