Winnie Madikizela Mandela has received an Honorary Doctorate from Uganda’s highest institution of learning.

Makerere University honoured the veteran activist for her roles in the struggle against apartheid.

The University awarded Madikizela-Mandela an honorary Doctorate of Laws for her role in South Africa’s liberation struggle.

It is one of the highest distinctions bestowed by the institution.

Her niece Gandai Baai was on hand to receive the award and underline what Winnie Mandela fought for.

“Thank you for turning every girl child, every woman to refuse to be a victim and to refuse to be defeated.”

“Let anyone define you according to their standards, let us continue to ensure the total emancipation of our people in the continent, the women and the children, aluta continua!”

This was the 68th graduation ceremony for Uganda’s largest university.

Most of the graduates may be too young to remember Madikizela Mandela’s leading role in the anti-apartheid struggle. But they still see her as a source of inspiration.

Graduate Shivan Musimenta says, “Her fighting for rights, I think that resonates with Uganda because we are going through the same stuff for our voice to be out there.”

“It’s really a lesson to learn from her, she is a strong woman. She has strong character and we have to take her trend.”

Madikizela Mandela was unable to attend, still there was everything to celebrate; not just her achievements but also those of her former husband, Nelson Mandela.

As with many parts of Africa, Madikizela-Mandela’s legacy can be felt and the efforts of her struggles for freedom continue to resonate well beyond her own homeland.

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