Residents of Mganduzweni, outside White River, Mpumalanga, have burnt to death two men suspected to be involved in the killing of two girls.

Police says one of them is a local pastor. The bodies of two girls aged between five and six were found dumped in a ditch on Wednesday morning.

The children disappeared while playing outside their home on Tuesday afternoon. Residents accuse the two suspects of dealing in human body parts.

Uncle and nephew were burnt in a vigilante attack and their homes weren’t spared.

Residents accuse them of being involved in the killing of little Silindile and Nontokozo Qibi, allegedly for body parts.

Police spokesperson, Leonard Hlathi, says a mob attacked the two men in their home.

“The community of Mganduzweni today during the early hours, killed two men which one of them we are told is a local pastor. They are suspecting them of being involved in the death of the two children. However, as the police, we have spoken to the community yesterday and will continue doing so to say; to take the law and place it in your hands is criminal and now that they have killed these two people, which they suspect without having investigated; they have actually killed evidence that we suppose to use as the police. That is the danger part of it.”

The family of the deceased say although this wasn’t the justice they hoped for, they’ve welcomed it.

Girls’ uncle Happy Qibi says “We are pleased with what the community has done. It shows that we are a united community.”

Police have warned against unverified information – rubbishing claims of harvesting of body parts. They’ve also slammed the community for taking the law into their hands.

The residents have accused the police of failing to render policing services.