A high school teacher has been accused of impregnating five learners from different schools at Manguzi in the far northern part of KwaZulu-Natal over the past few years.

It’s alleged that at the fifth school, the teacher forced a learner to abort the baby and buried it in a shallow grave.

One of the victims, who is now 22 years-old, says the teacher threatened to kill her if she ever implicated him. This young mother had to change schools. She says the teacher has never paid any maintenance towards their daughter, who is now 5 years-old.

“I was still in grade 9 when he asked me to date him. He said he was crazy about me and he found me sexy. But he also said he didn’t want people to know. In grade 11 he forced me to continue sleeping with him. He was the only person I ever slept with. He suspected that I was pregnant and he threatened to kill me and the baby if I ever told people he was the father.”