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British actress Emma Thompson

Actress refuses to work with ex-Disney animation chief over harassment accusations

27 February 2019, 7:45 AM

British actress Emma Thompson has quit an anticipated film produced by California’s Skydance studios because it hired former Disney creative director John Lasseter, who is accused of sexual harassment, her publicist told AFP Tuesday.

Pule Mabe

Pule Mabe cleared of sexual harassment charges

18 February 2019, 6:03 PM

African National Congress (ANC) national spokesperson Pule Mabe has been cleared of sexual harassment charges and is set to return to work at Luthuli House on Tuesday.

Pule Mabe

ANC can’t confirm whether Mabe’s sexual harassment charges have been dropped

17 February 2019, 1:23 PM

The African National Congress (ANC) says it can’t confirm whether charges of sexual harrassment against its spokesperson, Pule Mabe, have been dropped.

Protesters holding placards against sexual harassment

UN survey finds sexual harassment prevalent in workplaces

17 January 2019, 9:10 PM

A survey on sexual harassment at the United Nations has found that one in three respondents experienced sexual harassment in the workplace in the past two years.

R Kelly

SABC considers boycotting R Kelly’s music following calls to do so

11 January 2019, 12:19 PM

The SABC is considering boycotting R Kelly’s music on its radio stations. This follows multiple calls for the public broadcaster to ban the singer’s music after allegations of sexual abuse.

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