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Patrice Motsepe

Motsepe apologises for Africa-Trump utterances

28 January 2020, 3:24 PM

South African business tycoon Patrice Motsepe has apologised for recent remarks in which he told US President Donald Trump that Africa loves him.

Nigeria had no warning on potential US travel ban: Minister

28 January 2020, 8:20 AM

Nigeria had no warning from Washington that it could be added to the list of countries subject to a US travel ban, information minister Lai Mohammed said on Monday, adding such a move would be “hasty” and send the wrong signal to investors.

Republicans ready for start of Trump’s defense in impeachment trial

27 January 2020, 5:57 PM

Republican senators on Friday (January 24) said they were ready to hear US President Donald Trump’s defense team refute the House arguments that Trump abused his power by pressuring Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden.

Defence to present opening arguments in Trump’s Impeachment Trial

25 January 2020, 4:16 PM

The Senate Impeachment Trial of US President Donald Trump will resume later on Saturday in Washington after a blistering and at times emotional closing argument by the Democratic Lead Impeachment Manager on Friday night.

Donald Trump

House of Representatives Impeachment Managers to press for the removal of Trump

24 January 2020, 7:41 PM

House of Representatives Impeachment Managers will use their final day of opening arguments in the Senate Impeachment trial of United States President Donald Trump to press for his removal from office.



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