Three food retailers have released lists of food that are believed to be linked with listeriosis.

Shoprite Group, Pick n Pay, Woolworths have advised customers to desist from buying or consuming Enterprise Foods and Rainbow Chicken products, including polony, viennas and russians amongst others.

This follows Sunday’s announcement by the Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi that polony is one the products that is spreading listeriosis.

On Sunday, Motsoaledi told a media briefing that polony samples tested positive for the disease.


It’s believed that the outbreak has led to at least 180 deaths and infected almost 1‚000 people in the country.

On Monday, some customers returned processed meat linked with the deadly disease to different stores and Enterprise Food factory in Gauteng.

People have been advised to immediately remove any food items that have been linked to the disease from their fridge to avoid contaminating other food products.

Below are lists as follows:


 Pick n Pay 


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Shoprite Group

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Woolworths SA Statement on Listeriosis (Text)