Professionals and activists calling themselves the Amahlathi Concerned Group say they will engage the business community in Stutterheim in the Eastern Cape to persuade them to continue investing in this area.

This after a vaseline-producing company announced on Friday that it would no longer expand its operations in the rural town due to ongoing political instability.

The town has been marred by violent protests led by disgruntled youths since September 2017.

Five municipal buildings including a clinic were torched during this protest.

The group’s Spokesperson, Khayalethu Bolana, says their efforts are also aimed at preventing job losses.

“Fortunately for us, we’ve got a platform that already exists, the Black Business Forum. We intend to use that platform, in order to convince them that they should not despair and leave the town because of the  situation that is prevailing now. We are hoping that we are going to make an impact to convince them. We are having a hope of the impact of the report we are expecting to get from COGTA and ANC provincial office, which are the structures that have been trying to negotiate the situation that has been prevailing here at Amahlathi,” says Bolana.

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