Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema has called on communities to stop protecting rapists.

Malema was speaking at the EFF Women’s Day celebrations in Pietermaritzburg in KwaZulu-Natal on Thursday.

His comment came after Khensani Maseko‘s funeral.

Malema says her alleged rapist must take responsibility for her death, adding that those who abuse women have self-hate.

“You are a rapist whether your rape was reported or not and you know, that deep down in your heart, your conscience tells you that you are a rapist. Rapists are not only in jail, some of them were charged and they won cases, but it doesn’t mean they are not rapists.”

“What have we become, South Africa, where even children rape their mothers and grandmothers? What amount of hatred do you have of yourself because when you rape your grandmother it is self-hate,” says Malema.