Youth from Sterkspruit and some villages in the Eastern Cape have welcomed the launch of a communal WiFi zone in the rural town, as part of a two day digital summit in the area.

The initiative is the brainchild of the Joe Gqabi District Municipality, which is taking steps to get onto the digital highway.

The municipality and the Department of Communications joined hands and installed free Wi-Fi connectivity that will be used mainly by students from the rural town and in the surrounding villages.

Minister of Communications, Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams, says this connectivity will make life easier in the rural areas.

“We are launching the Wi-Fi for the communities to make sure that people have access to connectivity, you have heard us talking about digital transformation, you have heard us talking about fourth industrial revolution and without connectivity people will not realise it. Let’s love our country; this is our home place we are not going anywhere else. As the Department of Communications, we are joining government to say South Africans, this is your home, this is your country, take  good care of it.”

Meanwhile, local youths have expressed their gratitude saying this will help them in tackling their school assignments:

“We are happy because we have got 500MG/s Wifi, we can know to do our school projects , we can be able to do our school work.”

“We can Google our school projects because we are given projects which needs Google so we will be able to Google those projects and we will get good marks and it will help us a lot.”

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