A state-of-the-art holocaust and genocide centre has been opened on Jan Smuts Avenue in Johannesburg on Sunday morning.

The Johannesburg Holocaust and Genocide Centre also focusses on human rights issues including xenophobia, racism and the promotion of social activism.

It seeks to raise awareness and serves as a memorial to the 6-million Jews who were killed in the Holocaust.

It took 10-years for the exhibition to finally open its doors to the public and it can be accessed free of charge.

Founder and director of the Johannesburg Holocaust and Genocide Centre Tali Nates says, “We took a long time to really think about what do we need here in SA and we decided first of all to tell the story of genocide, but not only about the history of genocide but the connections to today’s world. So you will see as you walk through the spaces that you connect to issues of choices of governments, of individuals to issues of refugees, to issues of gender, of xenophobia of racism.”