Initially launched in 2008 in Sweden, Spotify took the Western world music market by storm gaining more than 159 million active users and about 71 million subscribers in over 60 countries worldwide.

The company says that a playlist of both local and international music is available to users upon subscription.

However, users can opt to either have a free subscription which will enable them to listen to music for free with interruptions that include adverts that pop-up in between the streaming, or they can sign up for a premium subscription which allows for an uninterrupted streaming session and downloading to play while offline.

Spotify like other online music streaming services such as Google Play and Apple iTunes will cost users R59.99pm.

Music lovers will be thrilled to hear that the platform offers a 30-day free trial for the premium service. The streaming service is available on Google Play store, the Apple App Store as well as the Microsoft store.

The company added that it also works on Xbox and PlayStation consoles, TVs, and smart speakers.

Spotify also introduced the services to Israel, Vietnam and Romania .