The Department of Environmental Affairs has assured people in the Eastern Cape that the oil that has spilled in Algoa Bay will not reach the coast.

Between 200 to 400 litres of ship fuel was spilled during offshore bunkering operations, near the Port of Nqura, in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Department spokesperson, Albi Modise, says officials are monitoring wildlife to ensure they are not under threat from the oil spil.

“There is certainty that it will not reach the coast, that it has been contained and addressed. When an incident like this occurs, we always have service providers on standby to assist with the spill of this nature, to help control and clear it if possible, but also if it continues to threaten marine species such as penguins and other species, WWF etc comes with us to retrieve and remove any of those species that may come under threat,” says Modise.

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