The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) says not much has been achieved in terms of transformation since the democratic dispensation was achieved in 1994. The party says even the current status quo is the replica of the old system under apartheid.

This emerged in Parliament during the debate on the motion Growing and Transforming South Africa.

“The very subject of this debate acknowledges that ours is still a very apartheid economy. The state itself is the creation of the colonial and apartheid regime and the ruling party has inherited all the tendencies of the compressing regime. Today, after almost three decades of attainment of political freedom, it is African people who are unemployed; it is African people who are homeless and landless,” says EFF MP Nazier Paulsen.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) says should it take over the government after the May elections, racism will be something of the past.

The DA says it will ensure the remnants of racial segregation are eradicated if it is voted to power on 8 May.

“We chose non-racialism over national racialism. We chose the supremacy of the constitution over the sovereignty of Parliament and we chose market-driven prosperity over the hand state-led command and control of state economic development.”

The Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) has called for South Africans to vote the ANC out of government. The party believes this will ensure transformation in the country is achieved.

“What should South Africans do on the 8 May? Well, vote for the ANC to go out of office. Your time has expired. All that you have shown is what you have achieved for yourselves and not our people,” says IFP MP Mkhuleko Hlengwa.