The South African National Editors’ Forum (Sanef) says it has not found any evidence to prove that Bosasa donated money for  the SABC8 journalists.

The statement is in response to an article published by TimesLive that alleges that Bosasa “appears” to have donated R100 000 to a crowdfunding campaign for the SABC8 journalists.

“We have had the opportunity to go through every of the 394 donations made in July 2016 to the cause and could not find any donation from Bosasa and/or a person connected to Bosasa or a donation for R100 000,” outlines Sanef in a statement.

The organization adds that only one donation of over R100 000 was made.  “And that was not from Bosasa or a person connected to the company.”

Sanef has asked TimesLive for proof of the alleged payment.

“ Sanef would like to reiterate that no donations were solicited from anyone for this cause and that the eight SABC journalists were never involved in or had access to the identities of the donors.”

Sanef says  the crowdfunding campaign was started to support the SABC8. “ .. after they were summarily dismissed by the SABC for standing up for journalistic principles and truth.”

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