The South African Communist Party (SACP) believes the African National Congress’s (ANC) election manifesto being launched at the Moses Mabhida stadium in Durban on Saturday seeks to respond to pressing issues facing all South Africans.

Speaking to SABC News on the sidelines of the ANC rally, SACP Deputy Secretary General Solly Mapaila said all alliance partners participated meaningfully to the formulation of the ANC election manifesto and the ANC list.

“We contributed immensely to the development of the manifesto from its beginning – we have been participating. Many other important questions have come through which I think will be outlined today. But in the main for instance the re-commitment to the universal health care system which is important to us. The re-commitment to social services, whether it is about housing, or the question of land, we are happy with that, about the tackling of unemployment question, the tackling of crime in our society, the problem of drugs in our society we are all committed to work together to resolve the problem of drugs in our society we are all committed to work together, to resolve all these things.”

Mapaila  has highlighted that the SACP has thrown it’s full support for the achievements of the democratic South Africa under the leadership of the ANC.

The SACP’s first Secretary General expressed that there is a lot that has been achieved by the ruling party since it took over power in 1994. Mapaila says the ANC needs to refocus on accelerated service delivery.

Watch interview below: