Over 200 South African sports people from six different sporting codes in Gauteng have arrived in Regio Emilia in Italy.

They will participate in the 6th edition of the International Tri Colour Games.

The opening ceremony of the event will be held on Saturday night, with action in various sporting codes starting on Sunday.

The streets of Reggio Emilia, in Italy, were bustling with song and dance when team South Africa made their arrival.

The athletes say they are ready for a sporting as well as a cultural display as it has now become part of the Tri Color Games.

The athletes have been divided into various sporting codes, and are using a local school as their make-shift base.

South Africans are already adapting to the food and the environment.

South Africans are determined to leave a lasting impression in Italy on and off the field.

SA Cultural group member Adam Kraft says:”Talking about the importance on social cohesion and how quickly he had to learn some of the African songs they will be performing during their tour”.

Having brought the largest contingent out of all the invited countries, South Africa’s presence can be felt all over the city.

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