Cyber-crime remains a thorny issue for South Africa and the world.

Among other things, it tempers with companies’ intellectual property, as well as individuals confidential data.

This kind of crime has reportedly cost the country about two-billion rand. The international community is no exception to this global phenomenon.

Digitisation is connecting countries, but cyber-crime has become an impediment.

This has prompted governments to embark on a massive training campaign to acquire relevant skills in the IT space.

Communications Minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams says despite the cyber-crime challenge, there are plenty of opportunities for South Africans in the digital space as the fourth industrial revolution sets in.

Ndabeni-Abrahams delivered a keynote address at the Cyber-law workshop in Pretoria.

“That is why you’ve seen us taking all the strides we are taking. The only thing that South Africa has not managed to do is to coordinate its effort, which is why through the 4IR communication that the president has appointed we are seeking to achieve it.”

“We are working with all sectors to say tell us what is it you’ve done in order for South Africa to derive an economic spin-off of this Fourth Industrial Revolution. In terms of skills we are also enhancing the skills.”

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