Democratic Alliance (DA) leader Mmusi Maimane says South Africa is a country separated by walls where those on the inside have opportunities while the poor remain outside and without hope.

He was delivering what he said was an alternative State of the Nation Address ahead of President Cyril Ramaphosa official SONA on Thursday evening.

DA leader delivered what could be described as a critique of the ruling party and its performance in government.

He says instead of the walls of separation being brought down, even more are being built. He says one way of making sure all South Africans are included is to grow the economy, which, he says, is not being done.

“The difficulty about our country is that everything felt it is stacked up against poor South Africans. In fact I felt more than anything that there was no political will or effort to be able to rectify the destruction of the walls between those on the inside and those on the outside.”

“There was a profound injustice that remains and that despite more than decades of democracy and political freedom the walls are still up.”

Maimane says despite the promises he will make, Ramaphosa is part of the ANC and all its failures.

He says Ramaphosa’s message will be couched in a language that paints him as different and separate from the party.

“There is a romantic view on president Ramaphosa that makes us all believe that he landed from Mars.  President Ramaphosa was part of the ANC infrastructure in the last number of years as deputy president. He watched Jacob Zuma and all the ANC.”

“I think for once I agree with president Zuma it was the ANC in charge of the last nine years to which Ramaphosa was part of it.”

He says the DA’s plan is to harness the strengths of the South African people and channel them towards achieving their full potential.

“I think the character of South Africans is true that a beautiful group of people who have the ingenuity and the creativity to successful we know inherent within us is greatness, we simply have not seen it on the outside.”

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