South African award winning business woman and extreme sportswoman, Lee Den Hond, has launched a book titled “What happens when you say yes?” The book is about the greatest parallels in lessons in business as well as lessons in sports.

Den Hond summited Mount Everest, the third South African woman to do so, completed a number of Ironman races and crossed the Sahara in the marathon des sables. She uses extreme sports’ lessons to inspire.

Den Hond says she first got into sports before she ventured into business at the age of 30 before returning back to sports at the age of 35. She describes her new book as inspirational.

“It is a purely inspirational book. It’s an easy ready and it’s about, essentially, many times our hardest experiences, our hardest lessons are our greatest gifts. And whether you are climbing the highest mountain in the world or running a successful business, the parallels are the same. It’s pushing through and getting to the other side.”

She says her next adventure will be the Everest trail race in November 2019. The race is one of 160 km long and is one of the toughest high altitude races in the world. Den Hond says that Everest was defining in her life and the experience will always be a part of her.

“I think Everest was so hard, it was so defining in my life and it will never ever leave me. I’ve taken into an inspirational talk which is called “Be Inspired” because I believe that everyone has got their own Everest.”

Den Hond says that, on Mount Everest, she was the only woman in a group of 18 men for two months. She encouraged women to give it a try as she believes that there is nothing women can’t achieve.

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