Rwanda has agreed to take 500 refugees and asylum-seekers trapped in detention centres in Libya. This after a deal was between the United Nation’s Refugee Agency and the Africa Union.

The deal comes after multiple reports revealed dire conditions under which mainly African migrants were being detained in the country.

Many of the detainees are intercepted as they try to cross the Mediterranean into Europe.

The Secretary General’s spokesperson Stephane Dujarric.

“ The government of Rwanda will receive and provide protection to refugees and asylum seekers currently held in detention centres in Libya, the first to be evacuated are scheduled to be a group of 500 people or mostly from the Horn of Africa. This group will include children and youth at risk and evacuation flights are expected to begin in the coming weeks. According to estimates, there are about 4700 refugees held in dire conditions inside detention centres in Libya,” explained Dujarric.

“After their arrival in Rwanda, the UN refugee agency will coordinate to look for longer-term solutions of the evacuees. As part of the agreement the AU will provide assistance with evacuations, strategic political support with training and coordination and help. mobilise resources.

UNHCR (The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees ) will provide protection services, necessary humanitarian assistance including food, water, accommodation, education and healthcare. The Agency urges the international community to contribute resources to help implement the agreement,” says Dujarric.