Days after the elections, there appears to be cracks in Patricia De Lille‘s newly formed Good Party allegedly over parliamentary seats.

The party’s national chair Nthabiseng Lephoko has resigned from the party, accusing De Lille of making unilateral decisions.

Lephoko made the revelation to SABC News on Monday.

The party ultimately bagged the 3% of the national vote, securing two seats in the National Assembly

“As a national leader which is part of the 5 that make up the national management, I found that my voice was a little but suppressed. You know we have three of our leaders in Cape Town and myself now based in Johannesburg  and Masego who is the national treasure in the North West. But when decision are made, you just hear that this is what is happening. So we were not so much included in making decisions,” says Lephoko.

Lephoko claims De Lille overlooked her for a parliamentary seat. Opting for the party’s national organiser Shaun August instead.

“There were promises that I must not worry I will be elected and I’ve got proof to that as well. The picture that was given is that it’s a woman led organisation. But there are two gentlemen in the provincial and national seats.”

The Good Party says it has not received Lephoko’s resignation, but says it’s alarmed at her reasons for leaving, claiming she never raised her reasons for her unhappiness.