United States Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will travel to Africa this week in a whirlwind week-long tour covering four countries, according the state department.

During his visit, Tillerson will hold meetings with the heads of state of chad, Kenya, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Nigeria.

While in Ethiopia the top US diplomat will meet the leadership of the African Union.

Rex Tillerson’s trip to Africa, the first since the election of Donald Trump just over a year ago, will lay out the US policy for Africa.

A statement from the state department says he will discuss among other things counter terrorism, peace and security, good governance as well as trade and investment.

All the nations he will visit are on the frontline as America’s partners in the fight against terrorism.

Amnesty International is, however, worried that counters terrorism efforts in all these countries have sometimes been used to commit human rights abuses – a matter they want the top US diplomat to address.

Tillerson will emphasise on the need for inclusive governments in Ethiopia and Kenya – both of which have recently been rocked by political upheavals.

He will also seek to reaffirm United States and Africa ties, weeks after President Trump referred to Africa and Haiti in a derogatory manner.

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