The employer of 29-year-old Brighton Moyo, who is seen in a controversial video purportedly being brought back to life by Pastor Alph Lukau of Alleluia International Ministries, says he has absconded from work for almost two weeks.

Moyo, who works as a machinist at a door manufacturing company in Pretoria, was due to report for duty on Monday last week after a one week suspension but he never pitched.

Owner of the company, Vincent Amoretti, says Moyo may be able to keep his job if he has a valid reason for not turning up for duty.

Amoretti says, “He has absconded from work and I have got 50 people working here. So it’s a problem when a guy absconds. He was suspended for a week and he was told to come back the following Monday and now it’s going on for two weeks that he hasn’t been here.”

“So when he does come back we might even take him back if he has got a good enough reason as to what happened to him. If he does mention that he died in the process and he was brought back to life then I suppose it is good enough.”

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