Mineral Resources Minister, Gwede Mantashe, is expected to hold a public participatory meeting in Xolobeni village in Mbizana in the Eastern Cape.

The community is divided over Titanium mining on the Wild Coast sand dunes.

Both parties will submit their views on proposed mining in the area. The pro-mining group believes it will create jobs and alleviate poverty in the area.

However, the anti-mining group says only tourism and agriculture have the potential to change the lives of people living in poverty.

The committee says mining would harm flora and fauna while the pro-mining groups say jobs would be created and poverty alleviated. Police are patrolling the village as there are reports that those who will attend the meeting might be intimidated.

A group is booing and singing songs in an attempt to disrupt the much-anticipated public participatory meeting..

Meanwhile, Police have fired rubber bullets to disperse an anti-mining crowd at the meeting. The mining issue in the area has been controversial since talks started 18 years ago.

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