Residents in Chicago took to the street on Saturday in spite of rain to participate in a rally against military intervention in Syria.

The rally came after the United States, France and Britain launched missile attacks on Syria on Friday following reports of alleged chemical weapons use in Douma near the capital city of Damascus on April 7.

The rally held in downtown Chicago lasted about one hour, with demonstrators chanting slogans and holding placards of “No US Attacks on Syria,” “No US Bombing of Syria” and “American Lives Are Not More Important Than Other People’s Lives” to condemn the US government’s military attacks on Syria.

The demonstrators questioned the real purpose of the US military operation. They said it was not for the protection of the civilians but for the need of US competition with its power rivalries.

“We are here to say that we do not stand for this attack and this attack will only lead to more devastating conflict, potentially could even spire into a mass of regional war that cause many lives. And it has nothing to do with the safeguarding or protecting innocent people anywhere,” said one of the demonstrators.

It is actually a power play of the United States and its rivalries, the demonstrator added.

“In a whole regional conflict that the US has greatly exacerbated over the last 15 years, waging illegal wars, launching the war in Iraq first almost 16 years ago now, something like that, and based on open lies. This is not about preventing war crimes. This is about regional rivalries between these different world powers. It has nothing to do with the interest of the people of the world. So what the US is doing there is not to stop something bad from happening because what the US has been doing there for over a decade and down to today is actually further fueling the kind of conflicts,” he said.