The South African National Taxi Council (SANTACO) in Tshwane says Tuesday’s motorcade by taxi associations through the Pretoria CBD is to set the record straight regarding false perceptions towards the taxi industry.

A taxi operator was killed during violent protests two weeks ago when he allegedly attempted to stop drug peddlers from selling drugs in the city.

SANTACO Tshwane spokesperson McDonald Makata says: “We are saying there were some elements of hooliganism and shop looting in the name of the taxi industry. We are saying ‘not in our name’.

“Ours was just an innocent protest. All we are saying as the taxi industry is that we are not a xenophobic nation. Our brothers from foreign countries are still our brothers.”

“What we don’t want is drugs. That is the statement that we want to bring across on this march,” adds Makata.

Most streets in the city will be affected from 10:00am. The Tshwane Metro Police will monitor the motorcade and affected streets.