The National Director of Public Prosecutions, Shamila Batohi, says any private funding to the NPA will be handled with transparency and accountability. This after the NPA suggested the idea of using funds from private donors for the cash-strapped institution. Batohi has previously cited several challenges faced by the NPA – including severe budgetary limitations – which has led to high vacancy rates and low staff morale.

She says the NPA needs to ensure that they’re receiving of private funding is not perceived as a form of state capture.

“It’s not like I am pursuing it, this has been something that government has, various projects which have been funded through donors and other types of other funding. But of course we have to make sure that the perception that the NPA is not being captured, so we are aware of that. There are provisions within the government framework and Treasury regulations to ensure that this type of funding is managed transparently, there is accountability as far as that is concerned, which we take very seriously.”

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