Crown Prince Bulelani Lobengula Khumalo of the Ndebele nation in Zimbabwe is safe and not detained by Zimbabwe authorities.

The Prince is reported to have landed at the Dr Joshua Nkomo International Airport near Bulawayo from South Africa on Friday afternoon, for his planned coronation on Saturday.

Last month, Prince Lobengula visited AmaXhosa king Zwelonke Sigcau in the Eastern Cape where he vowed to revive their kingdom under the new administration.

Family spokesperson, Prince Hlabezulu Khumalo says it is however unclear if the coronation will still go ahead.

“The position is that prince Lobengula Khumalo was delayed arriving at the airport… somehow people panicked that he must have been detained, but from what we hear he was not, he’s safely in Bulawayo. We are waiting to hear to hear from people at home what the judgement has been on the matter.”

The kingdom became defunct in 1894 following the mysterious death of Lobengula, the son of king Mzilikazi.


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