President Cyril Ramaphosa says he will apply his mind and act in terms of the law on the release of AbaThembu King, Buyelekhaya Dalinyebo.

President Ramaphosa has met with the Acting King of the AbaThembu nation, Prince Azenathi Dalinyebo, in Mthatha. Justice Minister Michael Masutha earlier this month recommended that the President pardon the King.

Dalindyebo is serving an effective 12-year prison term for three counts of arson, three counts of assault, one of defeating the ends of justice and one of kidnapping.

President Ramaphosa explains, “We must act in terms of all the laws that govern these matters and with due consideration to compassion that we need to have, because we are a compassionate government as well. So, all those factors need to be taken into account before we make a decision.”

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