Police have added charges of defeating the ends of justice against the Enlightened Christian Gathering Church of Prophet Shepard Bushiri in Pretoria West, after three people died and nine were injured during a stampede.

The incident happened at the church on Friday night following a storm. Police say the church was not supposed to have removed the bodies of the deceased congregants from the scene without first informing them.

The three deceased women are yet to be identified.

Police Spokesperson Augustinah Selepe says the church has tempered with the scene.

“From the police side, we have added the charge of defeating the ends of justice, based on the fact that the bodies were removed from the scene without the police being notified of the incident.”

“The procedure is that immediately after a person is confirmed to be dead on the scene the paramedics or whoever is there needs to notify the police so they can attend to the scene. So, with regard to this incident the police were not informed at all.”

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