Forty Parliamentary committees will be sitting over the next few days, as the institution rushes to wrap up its work before it rises ahead of the elections.

But, the focus this week will be the debate on President Cyril Ramaphosa’s State of the Nation Address on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Opposition parties have already indicated to various media houses what their thoughts are on the address.

But this week they will formally give their input to the president. In turn, Ramaphosa will respond to the debate on Thursday.

These will all take place during joint sittings of the two houses with Parliament rising for electioneering purposes around the 21st of March.

Members of Parliament will be hard at work finalising what they can, before they turn their focus on canvassing for their various parties.

This week alone, the Parliamentary schedule is packed with committee sittings.

 Added to this, Parliament is also hosting a Fourth Industrial Revolution exhibition, which will culminate in a roundtable discussion on Friday.

Parliamentary Spokesperson Moloto Mothapo says, “”The bills that are before the committees, a determination needs to be made as to how many will be concluded during this term of parliament, before parliament rises, and which ones will be referred to the sixth parliament to be dealt with and conclude before the committee for the national assembly. We have about 35 bills that the committee is busy with. There are 25 before the  committees that MP’s are working on.”