The Portfolio Committee on Police wants the South African Police Services (SAPS) to fast-track the implementation of the e-docket system.

The eDocket allows for an integrated method of monitoring police documents, dockets and the storage thereof. This will ultimately reduce the chances of dockets going missing or being tampered with.

Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee Francois Beukman is of the view that the system will assist in the fight against crime.

“Good progress has been made over the last five years as 982 of the 1 146 stations have the e-docket system currently. It’s quite important that they also bring rural provinces within this scope to ensure that there is single view application, timeless management information available to the police and to the courts,” says Beukman.

“In the urban areas, the picture is clear regarding the e-docket system. The reports of the International Global Satellite system (IGS) these last few years indicated that more than 1,2 million cases have been electronically processed through the system since March 2016, meaning there’s been a lot of progress,” he adds.

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