The National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) has declared 2018 as the year against youth unemployment. In the quest towards achieving this, the agency has launched the Trailblazers Campaign.  As Youth Day approaches, the NYDA highlights the campaign that seeks to make sure SA produces more skills that are needed by the economy and skills that enrich culture and heritage.

The Trailblazers are young people who have gone above and beyond their challenges and are showcased and profiled with the aim of inspiring the youth to apply themselves and become Trailblazers at a young age.

“The agency is pushing for young people to be job creators and not job seekers”, says NYDA spokesperson Lerato Gampu.

On Youth Day, some of these Trailblazers will be guests of the president. Out of 100, 24 are chosen to share the stage with the president.

“The 100 Trailblazers concept is in line with the Mandela Centenary and the 24 joining the president is in line with the years of democracy,” he adds.

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