African National Congress (ANC) convenor for National Executive Members deployed to the North West, Obed Bapela, is confident that ANC members in the provincial legislature will not support a motion of no confidence in Premier Supra Mahumapelo.

The motion, which the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has brought, is scheduled to take place on Tuesday.

The Speaker, Suzan Dantjie on Friday rejected a request for voting on the motion to be conducted by secret ballot.

Bapela says: “Each and every member of the legislature, all 23 of them said that they are cadres and they know that ANC has got problems but they are not going to be risking the revolution by doing something that is un-revolutionary.”

“Therefore we are going to defeat that particular motion, it is not going to be supported,” says Bapela.

Meanwhile, the South African Communist Party (SACP)’s Madoda Sambatha says: “The provincial government is collapsing on daily basis. What we are seeing in the provincial government is corruption that is tantamount to siphoning government money out to private providers. We are for section 100 for North West and we are for a formal recall of the ANC premier by the ANC.”