The Department of Health’s Deputy Director-General Anban Pillay says the National Health Insurance (NHI) will be fully implemented in the year 2026.

The long-awaited NHI Bill is being introduced to parliament on Thursday.

Speaking in Pretoria, Pillay says the CEO will be selected based on experience and serve for a five-year term.

He says the NHI’s Board will be made up of 11 members that will serve a five year term and will advise the Health Minister on matters relating to the fund.

Pillay says, “The Board, which is the governing structure of the fund will be established and this Board will be accountable to the Minister of Health. The Board will be made up of 11 members and they have a range of expertise on running such a fund.”

“They will have a five year term which is renewable once. The Minister will appoint an ad hoc panel which will call for nominations to serve on the Board. There will be public interviews for the Board members. The Minister may remove persons from the Board where he or she is performing inappropriately or the whole Board if that is the case,” he adds.

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