The National Freedom Party (NFP) says once voted into power it will formalise the taxi industry. The NFP held a mini rally at KwaMbonambi near Richards Bay, on the KwaZulu-Natal north coast.

The Taxi industry has been in existence for years but remains informal. It contributes meaningfully to the country’s GDP through taxi sales. About 80% of commuters depend on this transport mode.

The NFP believes capacitating and formalising the  industry will have a direct impact on the economy and will also end the exploitation of drivers and their assistants.

NFP Women’s Movement Chairperson, Happy Mthembu says, “When we become the government we will make sure that the taxi industry is formalised and the taxi sector is formed in a way that will assist the job opportunities. We believe that the taxi drivers themselves they need to earn a salary. They need to have a UIF when they become out of the job.”

The party has had difficult times since its president Zanele Magwaza-Msibi fell ill in 2014. It was also dealt a huge blow when it failed register for the 2016 local government election. It also suffered a mass exodus of its senior leaders to opposition parties. However, the NFP says despite these setbacks it’s working to grow its support base.

NFP Interim Committee Chairperson, Bhekithemba Dlamini  says, “The NFP is growing besides those people who didn’t pay for us in the IEC. Therefore we are happy we don’t care even if they come back we will also take them back but we are ready to go to the elections on the 8th of may.”

The party says it fully supports the expropriation of land without compensation.