State Security Minister Dipuo Letsatsi-Duba says never again will the agency be used for personal or political interests.

This after a High-Level Review Panel on the State Security Agency found that former President Jacob Zuma used the country’s intelligence services for his political and personal interests.

SSA has already begun implementing the recommendations made in the report, which assessed its mandate, capacity and organisational integrity.

Letsatsi-Duba has called on lawmakers to enact a law that would make it a criminal offence to abuse the intelligence services.

“I think the legislators must help us in this case to enact a law which will make it a criminal offence for anybody to abuse the intelligence work for political reasons. What we emphasise in the department is that abstain from meddling with politics of the country, yours is to make sure you do your work which is stipulated in the numerous Acts of the department to protect and also to safeguard the sovereignty of the country. I can confirm there’s no way we will allow what happened in the past to happen now.”

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