Pressure continues to mount on Tiger Brands and Rainbow Chicken as Zambia joins the ban of their products.

On Sunday, the Health Department recalled all ready-to-eat meat products from the brands after Listeriosis bacteria were found in their production plants.

The National Consumer Commission is working on a plan to dispose of affected meat.

About 48 hours after the recall of processed products from Enterprise and Rainbow Chicken, the Tiger Brand factory in Germiston is a ghost town.

Down the road, the spaza shop faces a similar fate, the usual lunchtime favourite Kota is not faring well despite having other brands of processed meat with a variety of flavours.

Polony, Russians and Viennas are a lunchbox staple for many school children and adults.

The recall has left many searching for alternatives.

On Monday, Tiger Brands denied that its products were directly linked to the outbreak of the bacteria.

However Food Union, FAWU has urged the brand to take responsibility for the deaths and illnesses.

Neighbouring countries, Botswana and Zambia have also recalled the products from South Africa – as a precautionary measure.

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Listeriosis cases in SA by Okuhle Magcaba