The National Assembly’s sub-committee on rules will not take action against Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema for the comments he made in the House on land invasion.

Last year Malema, while addressing the House, encouraged people to occupy land. The matter was referred to the sub-committee on rules.

The sub-committee however felt that it must be handled carefully so as not to limit the freedom of speech of Members of Parliament in the National Assembly.

Committee chairperson Richard Mdakane, however, says they do not condone Malema’s conduct.

“We can’t take action against Malema in terms of the rules that are there now and therefore we are proposing these rules 69 and 69 A, these will look at it and of course we are not condoning what Malema did because there are rules already that are trying to limit what people should say in the chamber,” says Mdakane