The SACP in the North West has abandoned the provincial alliance council set for this weekend because it was to be chaired by former Premier Supra Mahumapelo.

The meeting was aimed at ironing out differences between member parties of the ANC-led alliance.

SACP provincial chairperson Madoda Sambatha says they withdrew from the meeting because of Mahumapelo’s utterances at former President Jacob Zuma’s court appearance where he referred to him as President.

Sambatha say Mahumapelo undermines President Cyril Ramaphosa’s leadership.

“We understand that the NEC of the ANC said individuals can on their individual capacity go there but we felt that the content of his address was highly divisive. As the SACP, we felt that we can’t then glorify him by allowing him to chair an alliance political council, having disregarded the ANC’s unity,” says Sambatha.

Meanwhile, the ANC has released a statement lashing the SACP for withdrawing from the crucial gathering.

In a statement, ANC acting provincial secretary Suzan Dantjie says the SACP could have used the meeting to raise their concern regarding the developments at Zuma’s court case.

Dantjie says the ANC is disappointed at the SACP’s decision to withdraw from the meeting.

She says they had intended to use the platform to discuss political challenges facing the province and look at ways to address them.

Dantjie says the ANC will, however, continue with its scheduled PEC meeting and discuss the SACP’s concerns.