“The Day of the African Child” was hosted in Mthatha to commemorate the centenary of Nelson Mandela. Children’s rights organisations used the event to underline the theme that “No child should be left behind in Africa’s development.”

Long after he is gone and children are still benefitting from his legacy.  Nelson Mandela’s legacy was honoured in the Eastern Cape when a day was taken to celebrate the African Child.

While one day of efforts makes a small contribution to the overall challenges, children continue to suffer with abuse often starting at home. Child neglect and the misuse of their social grants is also high on the agenda.

Education is a key foundation for developing a young mind, but abuse at school hampers this. On the up side, help is at hand with child ambassadors who support those affected.

“Child abuse by means of violence in schools and also harassment, sexual harassment, emotional and physical… that contributes badly to their progression of a child and school is affected badly and their results, ” says EC Head Ambassador, Masixole Loliwe.

Madiba often echoed the Freedom Charter saying that South Africa belongs to all who live in it. This is a a call echoed by the Refugee Rights Centre.

“We are a diverse society and refugees and asylum seekers only add to the diversity of our cultures. The theme for today is “No child should be left behind” and that becomes the responsibility of all of us. It is not the responsibility of government, it is the responsibility of all to do their little bit to make sure that refugee children are not left behind,” says Refugee Rights Centre, Linton Harmse.

Commemorating this day is part of the provincial government’s drive to take care of our future and our children.

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