Tshwane Mayor, Solly Msimanga’s office is embroiled in yet another irregular appointment scandal.

Reports emerged that another senior staffer, Stefan de Villiers, in Msimanga’s office holds a top position without meeting the basic qualification requirements.

This comes merely months after, Marietta Aucamp, former mayoral Chief of Staff resigned under the same discrepancy of being under qualified.

Thirty four-year-old De Villiers, executive head in the mayoral office allegedly only has a physical training qualification despite the post commanding a minimum Bachelor’s degree.

According to reports De Villiers earns R1 million per annum.

Msimanga’s office issued a statement about the appointment. The Mayor emphasised that political appointments and the requirements for such posts are different from those for municipal officials.

Msimanga stressed that De Villiers plays a vital role in his administration and is by far the highest qualified.

Tshwane mayor spokesperson, S.M Mgobozi says: “Appointments in political offices are not unusual in the national, local, provincial as well as government. The  appointment of Mr De Villiers is one such political appointment because he deals very crucial and sensitive information in office of the executive mayor which relates to his diary, schedule and logistics. And it’s very important that information be in trusted in someone that the mayor can trust.”

But the African National Congress (ANC) in Tshwane is having none of it. They want the mayor to account to the public.

Tshwane ANC Chairperson Dr Kgoshi Maepa says: “The gentleman in question did not meet the criteria, and the advert can be made available upon request anytime. You need to have at least 12 years’ experience to be able to get at that level. Secondly, Solly without even thinking went ahead and appointed a white male when Tshwane is has adopted employment equity but moreover is that if you look at the salary that’s paid to De Villiers, then the benchmark is too high.”

In the statement Msimanga says a number of ANC members are also under qualified for certain positions but are appointed on a weaver, just like De Villiers

Msimanga’s former chief of staff, Marietta Aucamp, recently resigned under the same discrepancy of being under qualified.

Msimanga says the city is already in the process of auditing all positions and looking at different political appointment strategies.